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Na⁵ is a brand new project lead by Niccolò Angioni — trumpet player, composer and arranger. The quintet features some of the best young musicians in The Hague and Rotterdam, coming from all over the world — Italy, Cuba, Austria, India and Cyprus, they meet in Na⁵ bringing all their different energies and influences in one place.

Niccolò Angioni is a versatile and eclectic artist who loves music in various forms. His deep connection to black American music, classical western music, electronic music, hip hop and freely improvised music can be heard in this project. All these genres melt together in a spontaneous and organic manner, like ingredients in a big magic cauldron. The result of this melting pot is an explosive and fresh musical experience.

<< I want my music to be a breach to another dimension from our ordinary world. >>

Niccolò Angioni – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Synths, FX
Pablo Cruz – Tenor and Soprano Saxophones
Aseo Friesacher – Piano
Eva Serrano – Double Bass
Nikolas Tsangaris – Drums


I composed Dancing with the Illusions during the summer of 2019, finally recorded in March 2022 and released in August under the name of Na⁵, standing for Niccolò Angioni 5tet featuring:

Me on trumpet and synth
Camilo Archain on tenor sax
Sujae Jung on piano
Arjun Ramdas on doublebass
Nikolas Tsangaris on drums