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Originally a trumpet player, coming from the jazz world, only recently I have embarked on a career as a composer.
Nevertheless, I have been composing and experimenting for years, both in a jazz setting (small and large ensemble), and with analog, digital electronic devices and sowtware.
Currently, I consider myself as a hybrid artist, constantly and simultaneously performing, creating and experimenting. Beside writing traditional and contemporary jazz, I am eagerly learning about electronic music and software. My aim is to find the balance and the connection between those different worlds.


Thanks to the De Zaaier Foundation for awarding my research project with a grant in May 2024

The main focus of my experiments is currently the possible combination of acoustic sounds with the oscilloscope.

There are many examples of the so called “oscilloscope music” related to electronic music and artificial ways of creating shapes on the oscilloscope (such as 3d models). However, the use of pure acoustic sounds is an unexplored field that caught my interest, as my experience comes from classical and jazz music.

The aim of my research is to explore and document the possibilities of using the oscilloscope as a tool for composing and performing. Ultimately my effort is towards crafting a multimedia performance, in which the audience is immersed in a new dimension where sound and image are becoming one thing, faithfully representing each other.

I am currently working on Jitter (Max-MSP). Future implementations includes first the use of a laser projector, then a three-dimensional oscilloscope with support augmented reality.


I create audio-reactive visuals using Jitter on Max-MSP. Here some examples (please check @wave.creatures for more):