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Dancing with the Illusions

Out now on Spotify, You Tube, Apple Music and all the major platforms


Ballad for a Friend - march 5, 2021

Royal Conservatoire Big Band o.l.v. John Ruocco feat Niccolò Angioni

breakbeats ensamble - april, 2022

Piazza della repubblica, Florence - july, 2022


NA5 (Niccolò Angioni Quintet) is currently my main project featuring some of the best musician from The Hague.

It has strong influences from modal jazz, poly-rhythms and implements a heavy use of electronic sounds and effects.
You can listen to the freshly released single Dancing with the Illusions out on Spotify and all the major platforms.

NICCOLÒ ANGIONI 6TET has a completely different approach than NA5. In my original compositions I play around with acoustic colours made possible by the wide range of the instruments adding the bass clarinet to the traditional jazz 5tet. In this project I leave space for free impro and more extemporaneous means.

The first single is almost readi to be released, so stay tuned!

ARTIS CONFINIUM is the result of a friendship and the dream we share of travelling around the world without borders thanks to music.

We present a repertoire of pieces composed by European authors of the XX century, rearranged in a contemporary key for our unusual trio.

latest release

I composed Dancing with the Illusions during the summer of 2019, finally recorded in March 2022 and released in August under the name of NA5, stanging for Niccolò Angioni 5tet featuring:

Me on trumpet and synth
Camilo Archain on tenor sax
Sujae Jung on piano
Arjun Ramdas on doublebass
Nikolas Tsangaris on drums


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