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Finalist at Barga jazz 2023 international competition

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Hyped to be among the finalists of the International Arranging Competition of Barga Jazz 2023!
I arranged this beautiful piece by Antonio Carlos Jobim called Surfboard for the big band and especially for Hamilton De Holanda who will be the soloist on his traditional brasilian instrument: the bandolim.

The piece has been performed on August the 26th by the Barga Jazz Orchestra and Hamilton De Holanda. Here is a little snippet:

Few days later the piece was played again at the festival of Serravalle Jazz:

I have to admit that I am definitely surprised by this amazing result, considering that this is my very first arrangement for big band and that the level of the competition was really high.

I take this early success as a good feedback from the world and an encouragement to pursue the development of my skills as a composer and arranger for large ensemble. Stay tuned!

You can find the official news below: